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Is trash picking legal?

Yes, It is legal. I try very hard to pickup only items which were intended to be conveyed to a third party, such as a waste colection service. Most of the time the items are of set outside of a properties curtilage. Such as the very edge of the property where the trash cans are also.

It was made legal in a 1988 court case California v. Greenwood

Dumpster diving and trash picking isn’t illegal by itself. A U.S. Supreme Court Decision in 1988, California vs Greenwood, found that garbage was public domain when left in the ‘outside curtilage’ of a home or property, i.e., meaning that those placing trash by the curb have no reasonable expectation of privacy. Some states and cities have passed local ordinances that make trash picking illegal, but the City of Jacksonville doesn’t have one. (Neither does Grand Island NE) Source

What do I usually Pickup?

Nearly any metal, the likely hood of me picking it up increased with the metalic weight of the item and or the type of metal it is. The liklyhood goes down if it is very light weight, is a very low value metal type or much of the items total weight is from something which is non-metal.

I have put out something, and you keep driving by it and not picking it up?

I very well might drive right past something, it depends.. If I am just about full, it becomes a space versus value equation. Or maybe I am am not quite sure that the item is something you are wanting to get rid of. I nearly always tend to pass on items if I am unsure. Sometimes that has bit me in the backside, I have seen pretty high recycling value items sit and sit, and then suddenly dissappear. I have also been told to put stuff back which I was very sure was being gotten rid of. Soooo... sometimes just can't tell for sure.

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